Design specification for electronic wiring harness

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With the increasing demand for the safety, comfort and economy of electronic appliances, the configuration and function of electrical appliances are becoming more and more, so the wiring harness of each electrical appliance is becoming more and more complex. It has become a multiple link of the fault of electronic and electrical appliances, and it is also in the design and manufacture of electronic and electrical appliances. More and more attention has been paid to it. The following is a brief description of the wiring design process of electrical and electronic equipment.

1 schematic diagram design and calculation

1.1 draw the electrical schematic diagram according to the electrical configuration and technical requirements of the electrical design task document.

1.2 determine the insurance capacity and line diameter according to the power of each electrical appliance, and load distribution for each electrical subsystem at the same time, and determine the total insurance capacity.

1.3 calculation wire diameter: according to the formula (see chart)

: I - - current, A; P - electrical parts power, W; U - voltage, V;

A - line diameter, mm2; P - Copper resistivity (about 0.0185 Omega mm2/m); L = wire length, m; Ud - allowing maximum voltage drop loss .

at the same time, we should also consider the following conditions:

A. wire is too long to properly enlarge the line diameter;

B. wire is connected to the appliance after multiple connectors are connected, and the terminal voltage drop is larger, and the line diameter can be properly enlarged.

1.4 different types of conductors have different allowable current and line voltage drop.

2 draw three-dimensional wiring diagram

2.1 to determine the form of three dimensional wiring according to the different positions of electrical appliances. Currently, the general wiring forms in the world are generally E and H;

2.2 simulate the diameter of the wire bundles in different regions;

2.3 consider the close seal and protection of the wire harness.

2.4 the fixed position and fixed form of the wire harness are determined.

2.5 in theory, the wiring harness to connect all the electrical parts is the most reasonable, but the actual loading is not done at all, so the wiring harness should be reasonably divided, and in the case of convenient assembly, systematic design should be adopted as much as possible.

2.6 in the design of an online beam design is very important, otherwise it will cause signal interference and affect the function of some electrical appliances. According to the design of multiple locations, the design of the overlap iron should meet the following points:

A. weak signal sensor should be separate and close to the iron, ensure the normal transmission of the signal; 88 8111 B. each ECU should be soled separately to prevent interference;

C. battery negative pole grounding and engine and gearbox should be carefully considered.

3 the design of two dimensional wiring harness map

3.1 distribution box (insurance and relay) is the core of the whole vehicle electric. It plays the role of distributing load, concentrating power supply, saving space, simplifying the harness, reducing cost and convenient maintenance. Generally, 2 to 3 can be designed according to the needs. The distribution boxes of some newly developed models have the function of electronic control, and the non - contact, non - fuse central control box will also become more and more market, and the Czechoslovakia will be in the front.

3.2 the selection of conductor color is carried out according to the color of ZBT35002 electrical and electronic low voltage wires. The selection of

3.3 connector

A. selects connector according to wire diameter and passing current;

B. engine room is selected with sealed connector;

C. is preferred with double spring compression structure inserts to reduce contact resistance.

3.4 wire bundle wrapping method

A. cab usually with tape intertwining;

B. instrument board generally use tape tightly wound;

C. floor or far away from the engine, generally using flame retardant corrugated tube, and the inside of the

E. door, the inside of the luggage door generally use sticky tape or industrial plastic. In the

F. away from the engine, some heat insulated glass bushing or wire harness are used to wrap glass ribbons.

in addition to the above, we should also pay attention to: the distance between the anti-theft ECU and the read and write coils to prevent the attenuation of signal transmission; the electrical appliances for each transmission signal such as "oxygen sensor", "detonation sensor", "read write coil" and so on should choose LE-SE signal line or shielding line. Eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand one hundred and eleven


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