A wave of connector smart upgrades

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Under the trend of automotive electronics, the impact of new technologies on the traditional automotive industry is accelerating the transformation of the automotive industry. When the new vocabulary of environmental protection, energy saving and entertainment intelligence combined with cars, it also indirectly brings new opportunities for connectors. Eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand one hundred and eleven Connector, as a key component of current or signal connection, is also an important part of industrial system. As large as aircraft, rockets, small to cell phones, TV, connectors are all in different forms, bridges between circuits and other components, bearing the role of current or signal connections. According to the latest FMI Research Report, the global cable and connector market revenue will reach $125 billion 300 million by 2022, with an annual growth rate of up to 11.1% in 2016-2022.


three perspectives on the status quo of China's connector Market

With the trend of automotive electronics and the growth of the demand for new energy vehicles, the market potential of our connector in the automotive field is becoming increasingly prominent, and the market size will maintain a rapid growth. Even some industry asserts that automotive connectors have become the fastest growing segment of the field of automotive parts. However, apart from cars, what subdivision areas do our connectors have? In particular, there are the following aspects: Eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand one hundred and eleven From the application market, commerce and trade, including IT&, communications, electronics and medical industry, are the most demanding application markets. At the same time, the popularity of cloud technology and Internet of things technology will further improve the demand for reliable, high performance, high security data connection and transmission, and promote the market demand for cable and connector market. From the perspective of growth, the oil and gas sector is the largest application market with compound annual growth rate. Eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand one hundred and eleven From the installation type, the cable and connector market can be divided into two types: built-in and external. Among them, the demand for built-in cables and connectors is expected to grow faster in the next 6 years, mainly because of the microminiaturization of electronic products and the popularity of wireless technology. Eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand one hundred and eleven In terms of product types, CAT5/CAT6 cables and connectors are the main demand products in 2015, accounting for 47% of the total market, which is due to the increasing demand for high performance and long distance connectivity. But by 2022, USB cable and connectors are expected to grow at the fastest rate of compound growth with the demand for high-speed data transmission.

the trend of intelligent upgrading will change the connector market to

in China. With the continued popularity of electric cars such as Tesla, the influx of Internet companies, the impact of new technology on the traditional car industry is accelerating the change in the auto industry, and now cars are not just a vehicle, but the combination of fresh words with cars for environmental protection and entertainment intelligence also indirectly helps connectors. It has brought new opportunities for development. Eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand one hundred and eleven New energy and electronization of automobiles drive the growth of automotive connectors. New demand for the car industry, such as new energy vehicles and unmanned vehicles, is bringing more stringent requirements to traditional connector manufacturers, but it is the new driving force that will stimulate the car connector market to continue to rise in the future. Eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand one hundred and eleven USBType-C becomes the new kinetic energy of connector in the field of consumer electronics. With the use of USBType-C technology for some of the most popular mobile devices this year, it is expected that the future will gradually become the mainstream of the industry and will also bring a new growth point for the connector market. Eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand one hundred and eleven IOT wearable will be the next growth point for connectors. The Internet of things is also known as the interconnection of all things, and the corresponding connector will undoubtedly play an important role in it. This trend is particularly evident on wearable devices. And today's global electronics manufacturers are trying to compete in "wearable" devices, and miniaturization takes up an absolute priority in this area. Eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand one hundred and eleven Intelligent factories and robots will enable industrial connectors to achieve blowout. With the development of automation and intelligentization, the connector, which is widely used in the fields of mechanical equipment, factory automation, power distribution and railway, is also the focus of development. For the solutions and technologies of "industrial 4" and "intelligent production", the connector that can produce efficiency in stamping, injection molding, assembly, pressing and so on is a natural need for a new upgrade. Eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand one hundred and eleven









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