• Design specification for electronic wiring harness

    Design specific

    With the increasing demand for the safety, comfort and econo...

    Release time:2018-05-17
  • What are the problems that the electronic wire connector can easily produce

    What are the pr

    1. It is easy to produce a touch line the wires are insul...

    Release time:2018-05-17
  • Market demand and technology change of China connector industry

    Market demand a

    The connector industry in mainland China has been taking adv...

    Release time:2018-05-17
  • Connector market is rising rapidly

    Connector marke

    In recent years, fiber connector, USB2.0 high speed connecto...

    Release time:2018-05-17
  • Connector design experts talk about the use of single and double connector configurations

    Connector desig

    With the leading connector manufacturing technology, quality...

    Release time:2018-05-17
  • A wave of connector smart upgrades

    A wave of conne

    Under the trend of automotive electronics, the impact of new...

    Release time:2018-05-17