Recruitment Information

An assistant chairman of the board of chairman

  • 1. Age below 35 years old, college degree or above, good image quality;
  • 2. Strong planning and execution skills and public relations negotiation skills.
  • 3, to assist the chairman in managing the company's daily affairs and related business reception work.
  • 4. Breakthrough marketing awareness and business promotion capability;
  • 5, love and work well, have the ability to work independently.
  • 6. More than one year working experience in same industry with the same position is preferred.
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One technician of Equipment Technician

  • 1, under 40 years of age, secondary school and above education
  • 2, there are cutting machine, terminal machine and other connecting lines processing machinery adjustment, mold maintenance.
  • 3, good health, can adapt to overtime,
  • 4, with the quality analysis ability and strong practical ability, obey the arrangement, with more than one year of the same job experience in the same industry with the industry priority.
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A product engineer

  • 1. Below 45 years old, college degree or above, major in electronics, mechanical, mechatronics and other related majors.
  • 2. Familiar with the product characteristics and production process of connection lines, wire harness and so on, and can carry out process analysis, material composition analysis and sample trial production according to the customer's drawings or samples.
  • 3. Skilled in using CAD drawing software, with over one year working experience in same industry.

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of the above positions provide room and board and benefits, and other related salary is negotiable.
contact number: 0731-87801397   Miss Yang